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WBI Brand | Agave 99 Tequila


Agave 99 Takes the Spotlight

  Though the overall profile of premium tequilas continues to rise with consumers and trade alike, only an elite handful of brands offer solid validation of this trend. Agave 99 is one such brand, raising the bar for both its high production standards and its performance among top spirits experts.
While Agave 99 first made its mark for its over-proofed alcohol contents (99 proof), Kosher and Organic certifications, making it a desirable product for highly sought-after niche markets, it proved it has what it takes to win critical mass appeal.
The Winning Touch
This past summer, Agave 99’s Silver, Reposado and Anejo took major honors at two of the most important spirits tasting competitions in America. It enjoyed a strong showing among 162 other competing spirits brands at this year’s SIP Awards International Spirits Competition in June, receiving a gold medal for its Anejo tequila, while its Blanco and Reposado tequilas earned bronze medals. At Spirits of Mexico’s tasting competition this August, Agave 99 Reposado received a gold while Agave 99’s Anejo received a silver medal.
“What makes our wins at both the competitions significant is that the judges tasted both established and new products with a fresh, open mind,” says Richard F. Cabo, CEO of Worldwide Beverage Import, LLC., distributor of Agave 99. “While Agave 99 being a premiere over-proofed, Kosher and organic tequila brand got it a lot of attention in its 2009 launch, these wins reveal that the added effort and costs to produce a higher quality spirit is shining through in the final product.”
Cabo adds that the recent victories are also important because the way products were judged also represent the way modern consumers shop, always on the lookout for the best quality products to enjoy at their favorite bars and at home.
  for more information, please visit www.agave99tequila.com